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Friday, July 13, 2007

Scaling the community

As we are starting to rump up towards the 2008 IHE Connectathon we recognize we're going to have a better manage user community scalability issues.

Last year we had a nice small user community with about fifteen ISVs going with us to the Connectathon and few more how used OHF in the NHIN prototypes and other projects.
Those where fun days! We gave our emails to everyone and had an open Skype channel to give real time support.

This year we expect the community to significantly grow and the ones how used us last year to take more advantage of the OHF features and accomplish to do more tests (though it will be hard to break Donnie's record ;-).

The problem is that this year we won't have as much capacity to do real time support. We are working on better documentation, adding the IHE.b profiles to the functionality set, we will redesign our transport layer to give better security and performance, enhance the configuration model, and much more...

Therefore we plead for the community's help to help the newcomers. Explain them how the connectathon process looks like, and help solve problems. Some of the problems and questions (like OS, and .NET support) are being answered now in the newsgroup.
Please go ahead and use this tool. Your questions will be answered much faster, and maybe you'll see that someone else had already asked them before. There are tons of other benefits from using a public communication form, but I think you got the point.

Please help us scale the community,


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