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Saturday, June 02, 2007

OHF On The Road: European Connectathon

Greetings Everyone,

Last month (or was it the month before :)), Sarah and I crossed the pond to support OHF users at the IHE European Connectathon in Berlin, Germany. Like any Connectathon, it was an intense week of emotions that varied from anticipation to stress to shear panic and finally, relief.

This is the first year that OHF participated in Europe and we had a nice showing. Three companies used OHF to pass EU Connectathon. They are:

… bringing the total number of vendors using OHF at the 2007 Connectathons to 12.

The great thing about actually attending the events is the invaluable feedback we receive. Our friends at Health@Net and Synapsis helped uncover and fix a few bugs in OHF code, issues that likely wouldn’t have been discovered otherwise. Many thanks to them for their help!

Congratulations to all OHF users and thanks for a great 2007 Connectathon cycle!

In that spirit, I’m also pleased to announce that a new milestone of the IHE components of OHF is now available. This milestone contains all of the bug fixes from European Connectathon as well as a few enhancements. Go here to get the binaries!

Now, we look to the future. Right now, IHE committees are preparing the 2007-2008 profiles. OHF developers are evaluating (and influencing!) the changes to current and upcoming profiles and making plans for next year. Stay tuned in the next couple months to hear about OHF’s IHE plans for 2008. In the meantime, count on an OHF contingent being present in Chicago and London next year!



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