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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Report from EclipseCon

hi All

Last week we gathered at EclipseCon in Santa Clara CA. Most of the OHF committers were able to make the meeting, and OHF had a number of activities, ranging from a long presentation to a committers meeting as part of the healthcare day on Thurs. In addition, some of us were able to make it down to IBM Almaden for a followup day on Friday.

One of the more important parts of EclipseCon was the OHF evening meeting in the bar most nights.

(From left, Paul, Kristen, Bill and Grahame)

We covered a lot of business, had some fierce arguments about architecture, and planned for an upcoming release and a rework of the OHF web site (desperately needed).

We also agreed to split the OHF project into OHF and OHF-incubation. This is required to meet some Eclipse process requirements, but we will attempt to make it as painless as possible - there really is only one OHF project, but parts of it are in incubation. The eclipse processes for this are in process.

The most important news is that OHF is on the home straight in preparing our first release. We are still finalising what components will be included, and the actual configuration, but we hope to do this release sometime in March. This will be an incubation release - that's all we can do until we split the project up to meet Eclipse reqiurements.

And just in case - in spite of the photo above - that OHF is all work and no play, one of the OHF committers joined in the IBM Sumo wrestling game at the IBM party.

Yay Kristen! (btw, Kristen won convincingly. No, crushingly!)


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