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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Open Source Health Care Summit at

Last week I had the pleasure to talk at the Open Source Health Care Summit which was part of SCALE 2007. I did the talk together with Matt Excell from Possibility Forge who integrated the OHF Bridge into openEMR.
The presentation is available at the SCALE web page.
Slide 9 in the presentation is a bit mysterious. In this slide I asked the audience what is common with all the ~70 companies other then the known fact that they are somehow involved with healthcare IT. The answer of course is that all of them took part in the 2007 IHE Connectathon.

The conference held about 60 people, and the day started with an interesting talk of Scott Shreeve about Value Driven Healthcare. He talked about values, what he thinks is "Health 2.0" and how open source fits into this. The image on the right is taken from his presentation (Copyright © 2007 by Crossover Consulting. Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 2.5 License).

One of the presentation was about Mirth. Gerald Bortis described Mirth as the "Swiss army knife" HL7 integration engine. He also showed an impressive demo, and concluded with their plans for the future. The thing that caught my ear was IHE PDQ profile. I think its a great idea since Mirth is already about HL7 messaging. I hope it will open a path for collaboration between the projects (i.e. integration with the OHF IHE Client Plugins). In any case, I look forward to see them at the 2008 Connectathon.


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