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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nation wide Healthcare Information Network (NHIN) and OHF

The Nation wide Healthcare Information Network (NHIN) prototype demos which where presented at Washington DC two weeks ago marked an important milestone to OHF. One of the perticipents of the Connectathon was using a fully standard interoperability system using the IHE XDS, ATNA, and PIX profiles. This system was marked by few independent groups as the best system in the demo.
The important part of the story is that four of the applications which participated in this NHIN used the OHF bridge to exchange health care information (documents and patient IDs). These systems came from Possibility Forge (OpenEMR), CapMed, IBM, and Duke University. These systems used PHP and .NET platform, which make them consume OHF services using teh bridge. In teh future we hope to see more RCP based applications using the OHF plugins as is.


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