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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting things done at the Connectathon, NHIN, and HIMSS

Here is a short numbers driven post to estimate performance.

IHE Connectathon at Chicago (Jan 07)isch
9 vendors used OHF
The average number of tests OHF users passed was higher than the number passed by others who didn't use OHF. For example, OHF users like MedQuist, MedCommons, and Practice Partner each passed about 30 tests.
Some of the vendors using OHF passed a landmark number of tests including Possibility Forge(OpenEMR) which passed about 50 tests and the CapMed team which passed ***107*** tests (a new Connectathon Record).

IHE Connectathon at Berlin (April 07)
Europe is new to the OHF interoperability team. We hope to grow there and have more European users and committers. In the Berlin Connectathon 2007 we will continue our support for openEMR (Possibility Forge) who are clearly on their way to go international. We are also happy to support Health@NET who (through OHF) choose IHE to do interoperability.

Nationwide Healthcare Information Netowork (Jan 07)
OHF also supported four applications in the NHIN prototype including CapMed, openEMR, and Duke University.

HIMSS (March 07)
OHF will support eight vendors at the HIMSS Interoperability showcase.
If you'll visit HIMSS, please come see OHF in action.


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