Open Healthcare Framework

Thursday, October 26, 2006

OHF Shirt Design Contest

In the next year we are going to be attacked by a massive amount of events.
Only in the first quarter of next year you will see OHF at the IHE Connectathon, EclipseCon, NHIN prototype demonstration, and HIMSS.

In the last event we where at (LinuxWorld Healthcare Day) we found we need an OHF shirt! These events are a great opportunity to spread the word about open source in Healthcare IT, and we need to be noticed as a group.

A design contest is opened. Designs can be published as comments to this post. The content of the shirt should probably include "Eclipse OHF" and/or "Open Healthcare Framework".

What is here for you?
  • The hall of fame as one of the first artwork contributors (see Kelvin's contributions)
  • Your shirts will be seen in lots of important events
  • If you'll use a site like Zazzle you can earn royalty on sales. Here is an example for such service, just be aware that somebody had already thought about penguins :-).