Open Healthcare Framework

Sunday, September 10, 2006

OHF FTF meeting in Boca Raton

Yesterday we had a face to face meeting at Boca Raton,
associated with the HL7 Plenary meeting. The outcomes
of the meeting are posted at

A number of issues were raised at the meeting, and
I will comment on a number of them here in this blog.
For now, we recognize that our documentation is a problem,
something that we have to work on. Our next meeting is
in Europe (associated with the Eclipse Summit Europe,
Since this meeting is the first in Europe, we expect to
present an overview of OHF at this meeting, and we will
use this opportunity to improve our overall documentation.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

growing up a bit

With the latest new OHF committers nominations we now have committers from the Academia , which I think is healthy for every open source project. We have now Kelvin of Columbia University, Matt of the University of Oklahoma, and Melih of North Carolina State University. Ivan of Wharton School told me he'll continue to donate efforts publicising OHF in Blogs and Journals e.g.