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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OHF at Linux World Conference & Expo Healthcare Day

Next week we'll discuss and demo OHF at the first ever Healthcare Day at Linux World Conference & Expo. After demonstrating this in the IHE workshop few weeks ago, it will be interesting to hear the responses from a conference that is not IHE focused.
In the panels, Don Jorgenson and James Kaufman will talk about all aspects of OHF. Eclipse OHF will demo in two booths. One booth will demo OHF security, encryption, and digital signature. The other will demo the OHF IHE actors capable of searching, sending, and retrieving Healthcare documents using the OHF HL7 plugins. The demo will use the OHF Bridge to show how different EMR applications interoperate and send documents from one to another, a mini-connectathon :-)

We will be happy to see you there.


  • The exciting thing about the demo involving the OHF Bridge is that real world applications are involved, and the functionality is truely demonstrated. No vaporware here.

    By Blogger Melih Onvural, at 3:40 PM  

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