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Monday, March 27, 2006

Report From EclipseCon

I've just returned from EclipseCon held in Santa Clara. EclipseCon was an amazing experience, there was so many interesting and exciting people gathered in one place. Meeting so many people I had communicated with was a real pleasure.

The thing I enjoyed the most was that I went to EclipseCon with a list of people/projects to speak to. Each of these people or projects have work lists that overlap with potential OHF work lists, and it's possible that we could duplicate work or work on incompatible models. In every case, when I sat down with the developers, within a few minutes we had sorted who was going to do what, and we were talking about how to do what we plan to do. That positive collaborative attitude really underscored what Ward Cunningham said (in one of the key notes) about how Eclipse is all about collaboration.

Two other things that are really important to OHF came together at EclipseCon. One issue that has been a real concern for OHF is the scope of the project. We clearly need to implement domain functionality that runs on client or server as appropriate for the needs of the domain, but Eclipse didn't have this concept. Equinox, partly due to our encouragement, created the OSGi/Server project, and there's a real buzz around this project. That Eclipse, as a community, will adopt the OSGi/Server platform provides us with the confidence to go ahead and commit code knowing it will be available to whoever wants it.

The other issue that had been a real concern for me was Security in RCP. There really wasn't any, and healthcare applications depend on good solid security. So it was great to meet the IBM workplace team and find out that not only do they need a good solid RCP security framework, they have the skills and motivation to work on it. All they need now is the permission to release their work...

We also had an OHF FTF meeting. I will report on that and post an outcomes document in the next 24 hours.


  • Anyone who missed Ward Cunningham speaking at EclipseCon can listen to this podcast interview. In the interview, he discusses the topics of his keynote presentation. He also talks about social software, global collaboration, extreme programming and agile development. He believes Eclipse is mastering in a big way what wiki mastered in a small way.

    MP3 audio, length 20:01

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