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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


From it's beginning, OHF has been associated with the HL7 HSSP project, which is now the SOA SIG. (see The SOA sig is starting to make waves in the HL7 community - what does it mean to use HL7 content in an SOA context. And there's a number of possibly mutally contradictory answers, but that's HL7's problem.

What I want to know is what the relationship between Eclipse and SOA is. Ok, Eclipse has tools, some of which are useful when specifying and implementing SOA. But does it go beyond that?

The OHF charter says it does - we are going to implement the SOA specifications, and perhaps work with the OMG process to provide the implementation part of the OMG responses. This means more than tools for specifying and implementing SOA, it means actually implementing SOA parts.

Obviously OSGi/Server (or Rich Server Platform) is part of the answer. But I think we need to think it through a bit more, and possibly get a wider perspective from the Eclipse community - how does Eclipse - either the platform or the community - see itself sitting in this brand new fashionable SOA world?


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