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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making the tail of healthcare software longer

A lot has been said about the obsolete Healthcare information technology (HIT) which still dominates most of the healthcare market (can paper folders be considered as IT ? ;-).

The Internet and Information technology explosion hyped the “long tail” and “long tail of software”. We are starting to see niche applications targets unique healthcare needs. The long tail of HIT seems to start to wake up.

What should happen in the healthcare IT world to set the engine of the long tail into full speed?
What is needed for the “long tail” applications to mesh up into a live network and link the islands of information we have now?
How environments like the Eclipse RCP, and OHF framework can fit into this play?


  • thanks Eishay. I think the answer is that OHF empowers it. I've seen many applications in the long tail - little department thing developed by some guy internally, who ddoesn't really understand development or the full context of healthcare. But he knows exactly how to solve the problem he has.

    But then (not so) little things like data interoperability, proper security, patient management, they start to accumulate and choke the project.

    We can provide all that stuff. But no one in that market is going to write in Java - it's too heavy. So we have to figure out how to make OHF functionality available through AJAX, PHP, javascript even.

    Something for us to keep in mind

    By Blogger Grahame, at 3:18 PM  

  • "So we have to figure out how to make OHF functionality available through AJAX, PHP, javascript even."
    Yep! Looks like that's where OHF/Server (using the OSGi/Server), or shell we call it the "OHF Bridge", component comes into the play.

    This year we intend to target few LAMP based EMR applications as a proof of concept (such as one of these).
    It will be interesting to get feedbacks about it and see whether there are healthcare products who would like to collaborate with the OHF team on it.

    By Blogger Eishay, at 9:36 PM  

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