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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How can we help your product use healthcare standards and be IHE compliant?

The OHF on Server project goal is to help products utilize the standard based OHF healthcare plugins. OHF on the server will expose OHF plugins via web services to be used by any product (say LAMP,.NET, MUMPS or Java based). The code base of the plugins had already passed the IHE Connectathon 2006 tests with full success, and was used by few third party products (during the Connectathon!).

Resulting from Grahame’s comment on my last entry, we are looking for healthcare applications (PHR/HER/EMR or niche long tail healthcare software) to make a proof of concept for our plug-ins and to help us bring them to a level where they pass the next 2007 IHE Connectathon tests.


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